Closing Ceremony of BIPA Credit Transfer Program

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Closing Ceremony of BIPA Credit Transfer Program


UNY, Tuesday (19/12) The joyful expressions were evident on the faces of foreign students participating in the Credit Transfer Program at the Faculty of Language, Arts, and Culture (FBSB) of UNY. Some of these students took courses in the Department of Language Education and Indonesian Literature (PBSI). These students have completed their learning process at FBSB UNY for one and/or two semesters. The event marks the graduation ceremony for foreign students and the conclusion of the program in the first semester of the 2023/2024 academic year.


In the activity report presented by the Head of the Internationalization and University Cooperation Division, Dr. Zulfi Hendri, M.Sn., it was mentioned that approximately 35 students have completed their learning activities at FBSB UNY, representing four universities: Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Qujing Normal University, dan Xi’an International Studies University.


During their studies at FBSB UNY, especially in PBSI, the foreign students not only learned in the classrooms but also engaged in activities outside the classrooms. Various activities related to different courses were organized off-campus. In the Indonesian Language in Mass Media course, for instance, students visited various media outlets such as radio stations, newspapers, television stations, and more. This allowed the students to learn directly from experts and practitioners in the mass media sector. Additionally, cultural activities and excursions were organized during their time at FBSB UNY, including workshops on batik, gamelan, traditional dance, visits to the Yogyakarta Palace, Taman Sari, Imogiri Royal Cemetery, Borobudur Temple, and more.


In a speech delivered by a student representative, they expressed gratitude to FBSB UNY, especially to the lecturers and tutors who had assisted them throughout their studies. They emphasized that their time in Indonesia was a valuable and memorable experience. The representative mentioned, "Before, I had never been to Indonesia, and this is my first time. Initially, I was afraid, but because of meeting kind-hearted lecturers and tutors, I no longer feel afraid."


Dean of FBSB UNY, Prof. Nur Hidayanto PSP, M.Pd., Ph.D., congratulated the students who completed their studies at FBSB UNY and wished them well in returning to their respective countries. He encouraged them not to forget Indonesia and to continue learning the Indonesian language.


The event concluded with joyous moments, including the awarding of certificates to outstanding students, a group photo session to cherish memories, and a lively flashmob dance to celebrate the successful completion of the program. Congratulations to all participants who contributed to the success of this program!


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