Reviving Listening Skills

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Reviving Listening Skills

UNY—Among various language skills, listening skills are often overlooked. Not many academics delve into it, especially exploring the learning activity of listening skills. One academic who faithfully treads this less-traveled path is Dr. Nurhidayah, M.Hum., a lecturer in UNY's PBSI department, who successfully defended her dissertation on listening skills on Monday, October 30, 2023: "Critical Pedagogy: Development of a Metacognitive Strategy-Based Comprehensive Listening Learning Model."

Using a development research design for her final assignment in the Doctoral Program in Language Education at UNY, Dr. Nurhidayah, M.Hum. has produced a model and learning materials that support listening skills for students. In her view, listening skills are crucial, especially in the "second-orality" era, a term borrowed from Prof. Dr. Suminto A. Sayuti (internal examiner) concerning the digital phenomenon. When asked by external examiner Prof. Dr. Isah Cahayani, M.Pd., about the novelty offered in the listening learning model, the candidate explained the importance of comprehensive listening that goes beyond cognitive levels to include metacognition.

Prof. Dr. Suhardi, M.Pd., as the supervisor, testified that indeed Dr. Nurhidayah, M.Hum. has had an interest in teaching listening skills since her first days at PBSI UNY. Not only interested but has managed to sustain her passion until today when others may not have endured.

Discussion on metacognitive-based listening skills was presented before the chair of the examiner, Prof. Dr. Maman Suryaman, M.Pd.; co-supervisor and secretary of the examiner, Dr. Kastam Syamsi, M, Ed.; internal examiner 1, Prof. Dr. Suminto A. Sayuti; and supervisor and examiner, Prof. Dr. Suhardi, M.Pd.

When asked about the ups and downs of her doctoral studies, the woman born in Klirong, Kebumen, on November 7, 1974, wisely explained, "The process is different for each person. The important thing is not to look at the amount of work we have to complete but to do it one by one until we feel that it is accomplished."


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