Jejak Kita, Sastra, dan Budaya: The Existence of Students in the Literary Transformation

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Opening of the Literary Transformation Exhibition (dok.pbsi uny)

Jejak Kita, Sastra, dan Budaya: The Existence of Students in the Literary Transformation

Students from the Indonesian Literature Program at Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta (UNY) organized a cultural art exhibition titled "Jejak Kita, Sastra, dan Budaya" at the Cine Club FBSB UNY on December 19-20, 2023. The event aimed to express the existence of students in exploring the potential of literature and culture through their creative works. The exhibition, initiated by Indonesian Literature students, is part of the Alih Wahana Sastra course taught by Dr. Else Liliani, M.Hum., and Mentari Putrirahayu P., M.Hum. This activity also served as a platform to introduce students' works to the public and cultivate appreciation for the diversity of Indonesian literature and culture.

The exhibition "Jejak Kita, Sastra, dan Budaya" showcased various types of works, including poetry, short stories, essays, paintings, photography, and other artworks that reflect the richness of Indonesian literature and culture. Visitors could experience the diverse interpretations and perspectives of students on the presented theme.

On the first day (19/12), the exhibition featured student works and presentations. Displayed works included poetry transformed into meaningful visual sequences, novels or short stories written on unconventional platforms such as clothing, bags, and other merchandise. There was also a trend in prose podcasts with themes like ‘Sementara Kita saling Berbisik' by Salsabila K. and 'Aku Ingin' by Emilia N.

The second day (21/12) featured performances of literary works, starting with a contemporary dance titled "I Miss You Belle" by Samira, followed by the screening of two short films. The first was ‘Dilarang Menyanyi di Kamar Mandi' by Fatimah and her group, and the second was 'FSTVLST: GAS!' by Kansa and her group. Safira Aulia Z and her group performed the song 'Pesta Raya,' followed by Erlina Gusti As-Syiva reading the poem ‘Sebab Lawannya adalah Dunia itu Sendiri.’ The event also included a short story video clip performance by Lintang Gemilang. After a break, there was a dance performance of 'Roro Gandrung' by Kharisma and her group, and the screening of the short film 'Separuh Mata Ibu' by Aninda Vera and her group. The second day concluded with the performance of the song 'Kesah Alam' by Rimadani.

In her opening speech, Mentari Putrirahayu P., M.Hum., stated, "This exhibition is a manifestation of the long journey of UNY's Indonesian Literature students in exploring the creativity and diversity of literature. They not only learn in the classroom but also strive to apply the knowledge and skills they acquire into real works."

Arla Mutiara Putri, a student from the class of 2000, commented, "In my opinion, this exhibition is cool. There are many great and never-before-seen works, including some that are out of the box, beyond my thoughts. It's really a cool exhibition!"

"The event is quite interesting, with many literary works transformed into new forms in a very creative way, enjoyable for visitors," added Rizal, a student from the class of 2022.

Awla Akbar, an Indonesian Literature lecturer, also commented, "Jejak Kita, Sastra, dan Budaya greatly encourages the creativity of Indonesian literature students, and this literary transformation becomes a challenge for us to be creative, to respond to continuing a work. There are many interesting forms of artwork in this exhibition that greatly stimulate the creativity of Indonesian literature students."

The exhibition received positive responses from the attendees at Cine Club FBSB UNY. The students successfully created a creative atmosphere and sparked the curiosity of the public about the diversity of Indonesian literature and culture. This event is expected to inspire Indonesian Literature students at UNY to continue developing their creative potential and make a positive contribution to preserving and introducing Indonesian literature and culture to the wider community.


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